Henry Idahagbon:”The Cost of Medication Has Become Prohibitive; Many People are Resorting to ‘Agbo'”

A Governor Has Already Promised N70k and Has Paid His 1st Month in the Month of May—According to Henry Idahagbon

Henry Idahagbon, a former Edo State attorney general and commissioner for justice, has voiced alarm about the startling increase in drug prices in Nigeria. Idahagbon brought attention to the difficulties faced by regular people who can no longer afford basic healthcare in an interview with Arise TV.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He pointed out that many people are turning to traditional herbal remedies like “agbo” due to the exorbitant expense of medication, which may have long-term negative repercussions on the healthcare system.

He argued that the proposed N62,000 minimum wage is not enough to feed an individual, not to mention someone with a wife and children.

According to him, “Look at healthcare, for example. When you get your minimum wage, I’m talking of things you do with your minimum wage; you’re sick, you go to the hospitals. Yes, our hospitals are no longer consulting clinics, but the cost of medication has become prohibitive; many people now are resorting to ‘agbo’ and all sorts of herbal concoctions, which will have a negative impact on the healthcare system in the future.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>