He even said yesterday that we don’t need to even take his statement in order to charge him – According to Bwala

Renowned attorney and public affairs expert Daniel Bwala has expressed concerns about the methods used by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in its latest accusations against former Kogi State governor Yahaya Bello, according to a report published in the Vanguard. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

As a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Campaign Committee for the 2023 general elections, Bwala criticized what he termed the “trial by media” approach utilized by the anti-corruption agency. He was particularly critical of the EFCC Chairman, Olanipekun Olukoyede, for allegedly conducting public discussions that mirrored a courtroom trial, with the media acting as judges and juries.

During an appearance on Arise TV’s morning show, Bwala expressed his disapproval, stating, “What happened yesterday was like a prosecutor in court doing his opening address in the view of prosecuting the matter. And who was the judge yesterday? it was the pressmen. That same privilege, Yahaya Bello does not have to also state his case. So, we can call it a complete trial by the media.”

Bwala went on to question the EFCC’s motives, suggesting that such an approach may inadvertently aid the accused in evading justice. He argued that the agency’s historical reliance on similar methods had resulted in the mishandling of numerous high-profile cases.

Analyzing the EFCC chairman’s statements, Bwala raised suspicions about whether the agency’s actions were designed to provide Yahaya Bello with an “escape route.” He pointed out disparities in the treatment accorded to different individuals, citing examples where similar privileges were not extended, thus implying a biased approach in the commission’s proceedings.

Bwala further questioned the necessity of public discussions on a case that had already been submitted before a court, with preliminary procedures duly followed. He highlighted contradictions in the EFCC’s actions, which, according to him, only served to reinforce the perception of persecution rather than the pursuit of justice.

In closing, he remarked, “One in the press yesterday, he said he accorded a special privilege and respect to Yahaya Bello. That same privilege was not given to Bobrisky. That same privilege was not given to others.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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