Hauwau stated. “I saw the officer in my room and I ran out, the mob poured petrol and set the house ablaze”

Speaking about the incident is Nana Hauwau, the woman whose home the customs officer rushed inside before he was killed. According to reports, Auwal Haruna, a Nigerian Customs Service officer, shot a passenger and was shot and killed by a vengeful mob in Dankama, a border town in Kaita Local Government Area, Katsina State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video recently shared on YouTube by Daily Trust TV, Hauwau said she was in her room when children informed her that people from a checkpoint were chasing someone. She said shortly after, the officer ran into her room seeking refuge and she ran out of the room. She explained that the mob poured petrol on the house, setting it on fire and the officer was forced to leave the room, then he was killed.

In Hauwau’s words: “I saw the customs officer in my room and I ran out then the mob poured petrol and set the house ablaze. The officer was forced to come out of the room due to the fire and that is how they killed him”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Complicities of our officers reduced their functionality, and people (SMUGLERS)they aid became so close to them that they lost their respect, and they now arrange against them if they refused to comply with the smugglers request.

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