Harry said. “Some Fuel Stations Were Accused Of Selling Fuel At N1200, We Went There And No Fuel At All”

Harry said. "Some Fuel Stations Were Accused Of Selling Fuel At N1200, We Went There And No Fuel At All"According to Dr. Billy Gillis Harry, President of the Petroleum Products Retail Outlets Owners Association of Nigeria, reports that gasoline stations were charging N1200 per liter for petrol were unfounded upon assessment because there was no fuel available at these pricing in those filling stations. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He provided an update on PETRON’s efforts to address reports of inflated fuel prices. He noted that commuters experiencing issues of fuel hikes in certain states have reported incidents of inflated fuel prices. Looking ahead, he expressed PETRON’s intention to expand its operations to additional regions, including eastern and northwestern states. By extending their reach, he highlighted that PETRON aims to establish a standardized operational approach across different states, ensuring consistency in their efforts to assist local authorities in addressing issues related to fuel pricing.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”Our compliance team is working with the few phone numbers that were released to the public yesterday. And that has worked very well. Commuters who have had problems in some of the states have called those numbers and our state executives and the compliance team have run to the rescue to know exactly if there is truly an inflated fuel price.

In some places that we went, it was a fluke and there was no reality in the statement given to us. Some fuel stations were accused of selling fuel at N1200 per liter, we went there and no fuel at all. So we were wondering what is the sales that happened there that could have given rise to that report. So we are going that we can extend our operation to some eastern states and even North Western states. In that way, we can have a common operational modality for PETRON to assist the authorities.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. You people should check very well I bought fuel 1200 per liter my self on my way to ore so do your work and fish them out kajola a new feeling station there thanks

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