Hamas War: Shaikh Gumi Said Who Ever Criticises & Blame Him For Visiting Iran is Hypocrite

Hamas War: Shaikh Gumi Said Who Ever Criticises & Blame Him For Visiting Iran is Hypocrite

During his recent visit to Iran, renowned Islamic scholar Shaikh Ahmad Gumi discussed the ongoing crisis between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. He made a provocative speech in which he questioned some countries’ objectives in light of the unfortunate events in Gaza. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Gumi expressed deep concern over the loss of innocent lives, emphasizing the disturbing reality of women, children, and older individuals falling victim to violence. He questioned the perceived indifference of some nations, notably citing Saudi Arabia, which he observed as engaging in football matches, dancing, and various festivals amid the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In his words, he said; “In his words; “Why in Gaza, women, children including older people are now being killed to the extent that even those non-Muslims show empathy but Saudi Arabia is busy contesting in football matches, dancing, and other festivals, does she fit”?

“Whoever studied in Saudi Arabia, visits there, or is based in the Country and yet blamed and criticized me for seeing me there, that person is a hypocrite”.

The scholar’s poignant words brought out the contrast between the dire situation in Gaza and the seemingly unrelated activities in certain nations. Gumi’s inquiry extended beyond religious lines, noting that even non-Muslims exhibited empathy for the plight of the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, Gumi defended his visit to Iran, issuing a stern rebuke to those who criticized him for engaging with the country. He labeled such individuals as hypocrites, asserting that those who had firsthand experience with Saudi Arabia, whether through education, visits, or residency, were in no position to question his actions. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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