Grazing:Do You Know Why Lawan Couldn’t Talk About It? It Was Because of Buhari’s Body Language—According to Opara

Grazing:Do You Know Why Lawan Couldn't Talk About It? It Was Because of Buhari's Body Language—According to OparaHuman rights attorney Maxwell Opara claimed in a video released by AIT that Sen. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan, the former president of the Senate, was frightened to criticize the open-grazing migration because he was seeing former president Muhammadu Buhari’s body language. The former Senate president, he continued, was unable to openly criticize the open-grazing migration because if he did, Buhari would likely have him jailed. However, now that he feels liberated, he is speaking out.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking further in the video, he stated that open grazing migration has done more harm than good in Nigeria because it has led to the loss of lives and properties. He further stated that the anti-open grazing bill should have been passed a long time ago, but everyone was afraid of the former president, Muhammad Buhari.

According to him, “Morally, this open grazing migration has caused more harm than good in Nigeria. When we started having herders and farmers clash, that resulted in the loss of lives in Jos and other parts of the country, it is as a result of this open grazing migration. The anti-open grazing migration is something we should have done earlier, but because of Muhammad Buhari, they couldn’t. You can see the former Senate president, Sen. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan talking about it. Do you know why he was unable to talk about it? It was because he was watching the body language of Buhari, because there is a way he will talk. Buhari will ask the former EFCC chairman to go and get him arrested, so everybody was afraid at that time, but now that he feels that he is free, you can see that he is speaking out.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>