Governor Fubara: “I’m Doing It Because I Respect Tinubu”

Governor Fubara: "I'm Doing It Because I Respect Tinubu"The governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara, has threatened to shock anyone who believes that his real desire to implement the presidential peace pact is a sign of weakness. According to Channels TV, Governor Fubara stated that he had observed many comments made in the media regarding the implementation of the peace initiative and that he had decided to remain silent out of maturity and wisdom. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He maintained that it was imperative to correct the rumors and make it clear that, on October 30, 2023, when President Tinubu intervened in the political crisis of the state, a political agreement was struck.

Though he cautioned that some political players seemed to have perceived his submission and humility as a show of weakness, he claimed he has now started carrying out the agreement out of respect for President Tinubu.

He said, “Let me put it here for the record; what is happening in our wonderful state is someone who respects an elder.”

“Mr. President invited all parties to Abuja and issued a resolution, which we should carry out. I am putting that resolution into action. It is not a constitutional implementation. It’s a political answer to an issue.”

“And I’m doing it because I respect Mr. President. But let me say this: if the action that I have agreed to do is perceived as a weakness, I will surprise them. I want this message to reach them.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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