Gen Lagbaja said. “You Don’t Expect Us To Go Into A Community And Burn It Because You Have Issue With Them”

Gen Taoreed Lagbaja:"If Banex Is Attacked, It Is The Military That Will Be Called Out To Protect Them"Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, has said that the military does not arbitrarily target people or communities that are not actively fighting or acting in a hostile manner toward the army. General TY Danjuma presented allegations that the military was biased in its activities, which he addressed.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that a security infraction in Borno State does not imply that all residents are enemies of the state while he clarified that the military is committed to not discriminating based on religion or ethnicity He refuted General Danjuma’s stance, stating that it does not accurately reflect the principles and conduct of the Nigerian Army. He reiterated that the military has consistently acted with professionalism in all theaters of operation across the country.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”If General TY Danjuma comes up to accuse the military of taking sides, that is his opinion. I understand that he has expectations but the truth is that if there is a security infraction in Borno State, it is not everybody in Borno that is an enemy of the state. The Army does not go about asking people what is their religion and which ethnic group they belong to. In carrying out their duty, we do it professionally.

You don’t expect us to go into a community and burn it because you have an issue with them. If they are not seen as combatants who are carrying arms openly and they are not engaging the military in any combat, then we treat them as law-abiding citizens because that is what they have presented themselves to be. And if that is the stance of General Danjuma, I think it does not represent what the Nigerian Army stands for. We have conducted ourselves professionally in every theater. We are engaged in across the country.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>