Gen Irabor:’If There Is Anarchy, You And I Will Not Be Spared And Even The Banez Plaza Will Not Exist’

Gen Irabor:'If There Is Anarchy, You And I Will Not Be Spared And Even The Banez Plaza Will Not Exist'According to General Lucky Irabor, the former Chief of Defense Staff, anarchy will negatively impact Nigerians and result in the closure of locations such as Banez Plaza. He refuted the notion that military operations are frequently excessive by arguing that they are deliberate and not arbitrary. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He shared his perspective, drawn from his leadership experience, that it is essential to address misconceptions about the military’s conduct in certain matters. He urged the public to maintain order and prevent actions that could transcend into chaos which could harm the citizens of Nigeria. According to the Former CDS, the attack on the military personnel in Banez Plaza could have been another version of Okuama where soldiers were killed on duty.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, “The Armed Forces is manned by well-meaning individuals people who reason far above the average Nigerians. They are not without leadership, they are not without protocols. They are not without administrative leadership, they are not without protocols, and they are not without administrative procedures.

But to assume that every action that they undertake means they are acting beyond bounds, that is absolutely wrong. I have listened to many representations and I thought that having led the armed forces, it would be inappropriate for me to sit back and not speak to what is going on. If there is anarchy, you and I will not spared and even the Banez Plaza will not exist. So it is better for us to avoid situations that will complicate the already precarious situation in Nigeria.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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