Gebi “Someone Was Able To Raise Money To Free The 5 Sisters But It Was Sadly Put Out In Social Media”

Gebi "Someone Was Able To Raise Money To Free The 5 Sisters But It Was Sadly Put Out In Social Media"

Funds were successfully obtained to rescue the remaining five sisters of Nabeeha, according to Hon. Aliyu Gebi, a security expert and former member of Ecowas Parliament. However, because the information was made public on social media, the criminals were able to boost their demands for ransom. He underlined the significance of crowdfunding responsibly while also appreciating its positive aspects and calling it a noble initiative. He pointed out that occasionally, attempts at crowdsourcing unintentionally lead to an increase in ransom demands. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He suggested that such activities should occur through appropriate government channels, such as the NSA and the DSS, to prevent unintended consequences and ensure a more responsible approach to crowdfunding in such sensitive situations.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The people who were taken in the unfortunate case in Bwari. Unfortunately, when such things happen as a parent, I have six daughters and I put myself into that situation. You become emotional and you just want to get your daughters out. And it is for that same emotional blackmail that they allow the father to go. Knowing fully well that the father will do whatever is needed to have been done to raise that money. And that is exactly what they did.

So when you now crown fund, it’s a very good thing and it’s a very noble thing to do. But we need to crowdfund also with some semblance of responsibility. We can crowdfund from behind the scenes, these people are also on the social media. As you are crowdfunding, they are also upping the ransom. Someone was able to raise money to free the 5 sisters but it was sadly put out in the social media. This amount could have been communicated through the appropriate government channels. Through the NSA, and the DSS but unfortunately, it came to the public platform. And it was predictable, they now increased the expectation of the ransom.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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