Gbolahan said. “What Do We Stand To Achieve By Setting Up A Panel To Investigate Gen Attahiru’s Death?”

Gbolahan said. "What Do We Stand To Achieve By Setting Up A Panel To Investigate Gen Attahiru's Death?"

Air Vice Marshal [AVM] Gbolahan Adekunle [Rtd], a former chief of training and operations for the Nigeria Air Force, has responded to General Ali-Keffi’s suggestion that President Bola Tinubu form a committee to look into the circumstances surrounding the passing of the late Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru. He doubted that an incident needed to be reviewed again, if it had already been fully investigated by military authorities with the appropriate qualifications. He warned against the possible consequences even as he floated the idea that the President form a panel to look into Gen. Attahiru’s death. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He raised concerns about the broader implications and the potential for unraveling various issues if a panel were to be established. He highlighted the delicate balance between being a responsive leader and the inherent challenges of addressing certain matters directly at the presidential level.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”First and foremost, I am not happy that a man who after spending the most useful years of his life in the army leaves being unhappy. The President is a busy man, he’s also the father of the nation. If somebody has asked that he takes a second look at an incident which I would rather have assumed has been thoroughly dealt with by those who are qualified to do so.

Maybe the President should set up a panel but you have to also bear in mind, what do we stand to achieve by setting up a panel to investigate Gen Attahiru’s death? Because you are going to end up opening a box of all kinds of issues. If you do this now, other people will say this President is a listening man but these are issues that are not supposed to be on the President’s table.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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