Gaza War: The destruction of the barbaric terrorist, religious Nazi organization known as Hamas is at hand — According to Senator Lindsey Graham

Using Nuclear Weapons In Gaza Is Not Necessary; Using 2000 Lb. Bunker Buster Bombs Is — According to Graham

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham declared on his verified Twitter account that Hamas is about to be destroyed in a bold and controversial declaration. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

His tweet, which characterizes Hamas as a “barbaric terrorist, religious Nazi organization,” has sparked significant attention and varied reactions.

Graham’s tweet read: “The destruction of the barbaric terrorist, religious Nazi organization known as Hamas is at hand. This means: Security for Israel. Liberation for the Palestinian people. Never Again.”

The tweet outlined three key outcomes Graham anticipates from the dismantling of Hamas:

1. Security for Israel: Graham emphasized that the elimination of Hamas would lead to enhanced security for Israel, a nation that has faced numerous attacks from the group. This reflects longstanding U.S. policy supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism.

2. Liberation for the Palestinian people: By advocating for the destruction of Hamas, Graham suggests that the Palestinian people would be liberated from the group’s oppressive rule. This perspective posits that Hamas’ removal would create opportunities for better governance and peace in the Palestinian territories.

3. Never Again: The phrase “Never Again” is historically associated with the Holocaust, implying a commitment to preventing future atrocities akin to those perpetrated by the Nazis. Graham’s use of this phrase signifies a resolute stance against allowing such extremism to persist. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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