Fubara:”We Started Full Governance In February 2024. That Was When We Started Taking Decisions”

Fubara:"We Started Full Governance In February 2024. That Was When We Started Taking Decisions"Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, has stated that he began making choices on his own four months ago. He claimed that although he has performed remarkably well over the last four months, people have no idea what he could accomplish in a year if he were to set a personal record.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Less than a year after taking office, Fubara had a falling out with Nyesom Wike, the former governor of the state and his political godfather. The rivalry between the two politicians has intensified the state’s political climate.

Speaking on Tuesday at Egbeda Community Secondary School field, venue of the inauguration of some internal road projects in Emohua Local Government Area, Fubara said that the projects that people are seeing now were completed within four months.

According to the report by Daily Trust on Tuesday, he said, “We are just starting but I assure you of more attention. If in four months, we can do this, and we are getting this level of applause, you can imagine what will happen when we do one year of our record time, two years of our own record time, Rivers State would have experienced something different from the regular governance.

“I know why I said four months. We started full governance in February 2024. That was when we started taking decisions, when we started confronting governance. And I am proud to say that our people are happy with what we have done.”

He added what his administration is out for is to bring governance closer to the people and deliver services at record time in a cost-effective way.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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