Fubara: Oby Ndukwe ‘People Saw Him As The Victim But Now We Are Seeing A Change Of Identity’

Fubara: Oby Ndukwe 'People Saw Him As The Victim But Now We Are Seeing A Change Of Identity'Oby Ndukwe, a political analyst and native of Rivers State, has claimed that there has been a change in the public’s opinion of Governor Sim Fubara. Previously viewed as a victim, he is now exhibiting more of an assertive identity. Given how different this is from his former character, she said that many people find this transition shocking. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She pointed out that former Governor Wike, who used to dominate the news, has become notably silent, while Fubara has taken the forefront in making public statements. She started further that Governor Fubara has adopted a confrontational stance, indicating a readiness to fight without showing his strategy. She emphasized that this approach does not appear to be advised by the state’s leaders and elders.

She said in an interview with TVC, ”What he (Fubara) is now saying is that it’s time to fight. And he’s saying they are going to fight headlong. Whatever that means, nobody knows how he’s going to go about that. However, you can’t say that it is actually the leaders and elders who are advising him to go along this path.

I think that is the aspect of the man that people are beginning to know. People saw him as the victim but now we are seeing a change of identity. Even Wike who used to be in the news is quiet now and the governor is the one who is talking and making comments. And people are beginning to say is this the nan that we used to know?”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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