Fubara: Bob says ‘He Projects Himself As A Dove Publicly But Behind The Cameras, He’s Like A Lion’

Fubara: Bob says 'He Projects Himself As A Dove Publicly But Behind The Cameras, He's Like A Lion'Governor Sim Fubara is accused by Honourable Solomon Bob, a member of the House of Representatives from Rivers State, of having a double personality: on the outside, he seems kind and friendly, but in private, he is much harsher and more controlling. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He claimed that he never had a deep relationship with Fubara because of her personality. He disclosed the number of times that he and his colleagues had called the governor in an attempt to address the state’s situation, but the governor had not returned their calls. He attacked Fubara’s leadership, pointing out that the governor had destroyed state infrastructure in Rivers State while showing no mercy.

He said in an interview with TVC, ‘”I have a very robust relationship with Wike and I barely have any with Fubara and that is because of his nature. He’s very cold and aloof as well. He basically projects two personas, he has a personality for the public and another one for people in his base outside the camera. He projects himself as a dove publicly but behind the cameras, he’s like a Lion.

And recently a lot of people have begun to see that from him. But in all honesty, I never thought had a relationship with him. And all those who are very close to him, I told them to tell him that as the father of the state, he should call people together and tell them what is going on. Many of my colleagues tried to reach out to him and he won’t even pick up their calls. So for me, it was pointless trying to reach out to such a man. He has shown insincerity to the person who took him from obscurity and brought him to prominence. The governor has been extremely uncharitable towards Rivers state, our infrastructure has been destroyed unnecessarily.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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