Fr. Oluoma said. “The Spiritual Controls The Physical: Who Told You That?”

Fr. Oluoma said. "The Spiritual Controls The Physical: Who Told You That?"

Within the Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Father Oluoma serves as a priest and deacon for the Catholic faith. He is a well-known priest and media influencer. The clergyman, who is well-known for his admonitions and teachings, shared his thoughts on the Christian proverb that states that the spiritual governs the material world on his official Facebook page. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to the cleric, he has revealed in his words thus; ” The spiritual controls the physical; Who told you that? How did you arrive at that baseless conclusion? This is why many live in fear and compulsively multiply spiritual exercises.” An revealed by the cleric, the physical controls the physical in the physical. No other being controls the world more than human beings”. This could as well be attested to from the scriptures in Gen1:28, where the Bible says; ‘fill the earth and conquer it’.”

According to the cleric; ” The market you go to buy and sell is built by humans, the foods you eat are grown or manufactured by humans, the means of transportation, communication and entertainment you use are built by human beings and not spirits. Hence, as a believer, do not be easily cajoled or mislead by popular words or sayings.”

As revealed by the cleric; “The government that controls almost everything about you was invented by humans and are run by humans. The religious places you worship were built by humans with materials made by humans. Show me one thing your earthly life depends on that was made by any “spiritual being”.? Even, Psalm 24 says “The earth and it’s fullness belongs to God”.

The only spiritual being whose power and authority are higher than humans, and who can control everything physical when he wants and if he wants is God, and that is a beautiful thing, not something to fear. Hence, as a believer, when next you hear “the spiritual controls the physical” be reasonable to ask the person how? Don’t have faith alone, have sense too.!CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. I need to learn from this guy. Is the mind of man a physical entity you can see and touch? All the ideals and realities he described as accomplishments by the physical, were they not produced first by the mind before being transformed and transferred to the physical realm to be actualised? Was the spoken “Word” physical before it was made flesh? Going back to the skeleton of this issue, what is intuition? When the mind reveals to one in a dream the outlines of a project or a new discovery, before transferring the details to the physical, which order came first, the spiritual or the physical? Why does it go first before the physical? When a man is afflicted by demon spirits, do you see the forces behind his physical behaviour? Yet there are unseen forces propelling him into physical actions like rage, cutting of his flesh with sharp objects etc. Are such manifestations not propelled by other forces separate from the physical person’s? This brother must answer these and many more questions regarding this spiritual/physical matter o.

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