FG Directive To Higher Institutions Not To Give Admission To Candidate Below 18 Shehu Sani Reacts

Former Senator Shehu Sani has spoken out against the Federal Government’s decree instructing colleges not to allow candidates under the age of 18, via a recent statement released through his official X account. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani voiced his worries, saying that millions of bright young people’s futures would be jeopardised by this kind of policies.

In a statement addressing the issue, Sani highlighted the potential consequences of enforcing such a directive.

He warned that delaying admission until the age of 18 could lead to frustration and wasted potential for countless young people who possess exceptional intellectual abilities from a young age.


“If Students have to reach the age of 18 before gaining admission into University,then the Country will delay,frustrate or waste the lives of millions of young people who are intellectually gifted at their very early age,” Senator Sani wrote.

Sani’s remarks underline the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent from an early age, rather than imposing age restrictions that could end opportunities for academic advancement.

He underlined the need for a more flexible approach that takes into account individual abilities and readiness for higher education, rather than only focusing on age as a determining factor for admission.

The Federal Government’s directive has brought debate and criticism from various quarters, with many questioning the reason behind the decision.

Critics argue that such a policy overlooks the different capabilities of young students, potentially depriving them of opportunities for academic and personal growth.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. My daughter took Jamb this year and score 206 to study Law. She is 16 years of age, very intelligent but now Federal government given age restriction for admission, this will affect her and her age brackets which could to frustrations of young talented children like distinguish Senator Shehu Sani said. Federalgovernment, please give a second thought on your directed not to give below year admission into verities.

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