Femi Falani revealed Betta Edu’s chances of winning the case

Femi Falani revealed Betta Edu's chances of winning the case

Organization for National Social Investment Programs (NSIPA). Although it is quite possible that she was ready for the collapse, she is accountable because of the memo she filed requesting N585 million to be deposited into a private account. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

One of Nigeria’s leading attorneys, Femi Falana, likewise holds this view. He said in a statement made earlier this week that his document demonstrated a “attempt to commit a felony,” and he bases this on the idea that there is never a legitimate reason to commit a crime. transfer of the aforementioned cash because every vulnerable person for whom the funds were meant had their individual bank accounts gathered by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

But the important question is: Was the money paid into the designated private account? Did Pita Edo follow the advice of the Accountant General of the Federation, Oluwatoyin Madin, who suggested appropriate steps to be taken? Or did Betta Edu go ahead and pay the sum of N585.18 million into a special account? We don’t have the answers yet. What we saw was the written note to release the funds. Answers are sure to be provided by the EFCC by the time the anti-graft agency concludes its investigations.

But it is a principle of law that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Investigations may reveal facts hidden from the public about what really happened in the Beta Edo Ministry. For this reason, Nigerians must wait for the full details of Betta Edu’s alleged wrongdoing before convicting her.

The Progressive Governors Forum was on alert when it advised the public to wait until the investigation is over. After the governors’ meeting, the chairperson of the forum and Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, said Betta Edu faces an allegation that she is not guilty until proven otherwise.

He said: “After completing the investigation and submitting the report to the government, the government will now take the final decision. Therefore, we should not rush or allow any disease like cirrhosis to result from anxiety.

Beta Edo had nothing in her past to indicate that she was corrupt or had a penchant for graft. Besides her charming beauty, she is cerebral. A doctor with a resume that should be the envy of her contemporaries. She was the Chairman of the Cross River State COVID-19 Task Force, then Commissioner of Health and National Chairman of the Forum of Health Commissioners of Nigeria. She was the leader of the ruling General People’s Congress party until her appointment as minister.

Those who believe she is the victim of a conspiracy, including people like Pedro, hope the EFCC investigation will exonerate her and restore her integrity. Pita Edo would surely perform the same prayers, no matter how innocent she thought she was. Investigations, whether judicial or journalistic, are capable of revealing new facts and opening hidden treasures.

Betta Edu might be lucky if the clothes in her wardrobe aren’t dirty or smelly. Those close to her say she is confident that the investigation will clear her of any wrongdoing. If she’s right, we might see her back in her office. But if she is wrong, the poets will sing the hymn of a falling star!” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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