Fafaa Princewill “Fubara Is The First Governor From Ijaw In 24 years, He Was Elected By Nyesom Wike”

Fafaa Princewill "Fubara Is The First Governor From Ijaw In 24 years, He Was Elected By Nyesom Wike"A few Port Harcourt locals are pressuring the court to rule quickly in matters involving the political turmoil in Rivers State. The legitimacy of the 25 state House of Assembly lawmakers who recently switched from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) is specifically a source of worry. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Fafaa Dan Princewill, a former gubernatorial candidate in Rivers State, addressed the ongoing political crisis in the state during an appearance on Arise TV. He emphasized the significance of resolving the turmoil, pointing out that Fubara, the current governor, represents the first Ijaw governor in 24 years. Despite not being involved in politics previously, Fubara was elected by Governor Wike, underscoring the ethnic complexities at play.

Princewill highlighted the ethnic dynamics influencing political decisions in Rivers State, suggesting that some individuals prioritize ethnic loyalties over other considerations. With Fubara’s ascension to the governorship, the Ijaw community, one of the largest ethnic groups in the region, has gained significant representation in state leadership.

The shift of 25 state legislators from the PDP to the APC has added fuel to the already simmering political tensions in Rivers State. The legitimacy of these legislators’ actions is now under scrutiny, as their defection could potentially alter the balance of power in the state legislature. Amidst allegations of ethnic politics and power struggles, there is a pressing need for impartial and timely legal resolutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the state government.


Hear him: “Fubara now is the first governor from Ijaw in 24 years, and it’s the largest group. He was not in politics he was not part of the entire thing. He was elected by Wike but he is Ijaw nonetheless. Some people are guided by ethnic politics alone.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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