‘FAAN Was Brought To Abuja From Lagos In 2020 By Former Minister Of Aviation Hadi Sirika’ – According to Maiyaki

'FAAN Was Brought To Abuja From Lagos In 2020 By Former Minister Of Aviation Hadi Sirika' - According to Maiyaki

Ahmed Maiyaki, a former spokesman for the governor of Kaduna State, has maintained that FAAN was moved to Abuja in 2020 under the tenure of former Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika, and that its current return to Lagos is seen as a restoration to its proper position. In reference to the FAAN headquarters’ move from Abuja to Lagos, he emphasized the city’s superiority in terms of both local and international aviation traffic. He criticized the Arewa Consultative Forum organization, saying that in 2024, their predictions concerning the 2027 election appeared a bit early. He promoted a “New North” where the needs of the average person come first. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The ACF is going overboard, we are in 2024 and they are sounding warning against 2027. The New North that we want to see today is the North that seeks to protect the interest of the common man. Let’s talk about FAAN for instance, how many people fly from Abuja if you compare the number of fights of domestic and International Flights in Lagos. Besides, FAAN was brought to Abuja from Lagos in 2020 by the former minister of aviation Hadi Sirika.

So this was just returning FAAN to where it belongs. As far as we are concerned, we shouldn’t be joining very critical national issues with politics. The essence of the relocation of these departments is for efficiency. You cannot supervise banks, you cannot do some of these functions. According to the records, 409 staff of the CBN are moving to Lagos. But we are not talking about other staff who are of the same numbers that are being posted back to other branches of the bank in Abuja and other locations.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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