Ezekwesili Responds As 44 Years Old Tax Inspector Is Now Leading In Senegal’s Presidential Election

Ezekwesili Responds As 44 Years Old Tax Inspector Is Now Leading In Senegal's Presidential Election

As early results from Sunday’s election appeared to favor tax inspector Bassirou Diomaye Faye, the opposition candidate standing for president of Senegal, supporters came to the streets of Dakar, the country’s capital, to celebrate. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Aljazeera reports that “at least five of the 17 contenders in the contest released statements congratulating Faye on what they called his victory, which sparked the celebrations.”

Oby Ezekwesili, an economic policy expert, an advocate for transparency, accountability, good governance, and human capital development, a humanitarian, and an activist, has taken to her official X handle (formerly known as Twitter) to react to this news.

Ezekwesili wrote, “Lessons from Senegal. It is the people, not their politicians, who own democracy, politics, government, and governance.

Regarding what happens when the populace of a nation is tired of bad governance and needs a change, she wrote, “When a people have finally had enough and make a determination to change their condition, neither the power of hell nor the schemes of their politicians can prevail.

The screenshot above shows the tweet of the former Minister of Solid Minerals of Nigeria.

On what Senegalese have done, she added, “The people of Senegal have shown the rest of our continent the way. We thank them.

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