EXCLUSIVE: Plateau Christians Finally Decide To Carry Weapons And Fight Fulani Militia; Send Message To Soldiers

Plateau Christians Finally Decide To Carry Weapons And Fight Fulani Militia; Send Message To SoldiersChristians in Plateau State have been pushed to the wall, and have expressed the determination to fight terrorists disrupting their peace following the recent killings in Mangu Local Government Area of the state.…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Mangu LGA, Rev Timothy Daluk in Mangu, made this revelation on Wednesday while accusing the Nigerian Military operatives of colluding with the Fulani militia who attacked the community.

Rev Timothy asked the Nigerian soldiers to vacate the community immediately as he is about to call for a meeting with Christian heads to discuss how they will defend themselves.

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The CAN chairman alleged that the military is displacing Christians, enforcing curfews solely within Christian areas, and allowing the burning of their homes by militias.

“I am here to report the situation happening in Mangu Local Government for the whole world to understand. What is happening in Mangu at this particular point in time, the military are the ones sending our people away for the militia to burn their houses,” he said with agitation.

According to the CAN chairman, the military’s actions have resulted in the forced evacuation of Christians from the new market, leaving Muslims free to burn homes.

He claimed that the military has killed three young men, rejecting the assertion that one incident involved a fake soldier.

“At this particular point in time, they have sent every Christian away from the new market and thereby leaving the Muslims to go and burn their houses. They have set the curfew

The curfew is only restricted to only people within the Christian domain.

“Within the Muslim domain, they are free to move and do whatever they want to do. And not only that, the military has killed three of our young men, which I know one, he was before my own church member, He said.

“The military has killed three of our young men, which I know one is from my church. They killed one yesterday. And I reported to the security. He said that it was a fake soldier.

“At first he said I was lying. Until I proved to him that it was not a lie, then finally he said it was a fake soldier. I said no, it was not a fake soldier. I said no, it was a soldier who killed him. Finally, they made a signal to the soldier and he disappeared from the scene,” He said.

Watch The CAN Chairman Speaking Below;

“We the people from Mungu local government, we don’t want the military in Mangu local government. They should pack their loads and go. We don’t want them because it’s a plan, they have been bought.

“I am calling on the world to understand that this thing should stop, and people should come to our rescue to save us if not, that is an evil plan for them to destroy Mangu Local Government. Because the governor is from here, and we are not going to allow it,” he added.

“The military should keep on killing us. We accept they should kill us, but we are not going to stop. I will organise the whole Christians in Mangu Local Government Area. We are going to fight. We are not going to stop, and that is what I said,” he said.

“Enough is enough. We have cried, but the government is not listening. If they switch off their phones, then where else do we take our cries to?” he quizzed.… CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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