‘Every Governor Signs With A Red Ink, Fubara Did Not Understand What Was Going On’ – According to Edwin Clark

Drawing on his extensive 59-year legal background, Ijaw Leader and Elder Statesman Pa Edwin Clark has talked about the need of signature regularity when signing documents. He claimed that governors usually sign documents using red ink, highlighting the fact that Governor Fubara’s choice of a different pen suggested that he was unwilling to sign the paper. He implied that Fubara was not entirely on board with the deal by attributing his participation to his respect for President Tinubu. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He then questioned the signing choices of other individuals, pointing out that Wike and Ribadu used red ink, raising doubts about their status. In contrast, the governor and Dr. Peter Odili used blue ink, suggesting that their signatures may not have been voluntary. He hinted at the complexity and potential coercion surrounding the signing of the document, particularly in the context of the ink color choices made by various individuals.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”I’m a lawyer of over 59 years. When you are signing a paper, the regularity of your signature must be noted. Every governor signs with a red ink, Fubara did not understand what was going on. And he couldn’t walk out from that place because of the respect he has for Mr President. So he took any other pen to sign. And that should signify that I’m not willing to sign it. Wike signed with the red ink, is he a governor? Ribadu signed with the red ink, is he a governor? But the governor and Dr. Peter Odili signed with blue ink, that showed that they did not sign in their own volition.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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