El-Rufai’s Son Reveals “When He Became Governor He Sent Me On Exile. I Didn’t Stay In Kaduna Doing Contracts”

El-Rufai's Son Reveals "When He Became Governor He Sent Me On Exile. I Didn't Stay In Kaduna Doing Contracts"Bello El-Rufai, a member of the House of Representatives who represents the Kaduna North Federal Constituency, has stated that his father, Nasir El-Rufai, sent him out of the state when he was the governor of Kaduna and that he did not stay in the state to carry out contracts as other governors’ children did. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking during a recent interview which was reported by Punch on Tuesday, Bello El-Rufai said that his father is an exceptional leader, and that he is the kind of leader that Nigeria needs.

In the interview which was hosted by Yaya Abba, the lawmaker said, “When he became governor, we campaigned for him seriously. We knew the wave was coming, we knew there was a merger. We knew Buhari could win this time especially the alliance that happened with the South-West.”

Speaking further, he said, “Some of us were just learning the process. But immediately he became governor he sent me, as I say, on exile. Unlike the children of the governors back then, I didn’t really stay in Kaduna doing contracts.”

Bello said that he understands the reason his father decided to send him away from the political scene. He said that it is because when people cannot get the man that is in power, they will go after his wife or children.

He added that it really helped that his father took him out of the political scene.

In March, Bello had sparked reactions when he said that Nigeria lost the competence that his father would have brought to the system after the Senate rejected his nomination as senator.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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