Ekweremadu: Father “My Legs Are Swollen, My Heart Beats Fast Since I Heard Of David’s Disappearance”

Ekweremadu: Father "My Legs Are Swollen, My Heart Beats Fast Since I Heard Of David’s Disappearance"

Mr. Nwamini Ukpo, the father of David Ukpo, has said that he has given up farming and has been dealing with health issues ever since his son disappeared.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Recall that former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu took Nwanimi’s son for a kidney transplant. According to Nwanimi, Ekweremadu’s family visited him following his prison term from the UK government, but he declined their offer of a tricycle, as Vanguard reported.

Speaking at his family house in Ndioffia Ishieke, Ebonyi State, he revealed that he turned down the offer because his son was more important. He said that their son had not been in contact with them since the event and that they were unsure if he’s alive or dead.

He observed that the family is experiencing emotional pain as a result of their son being missing.

According to Nwamini, “As you can see, my legs are swollen, and that started the day I heard of David’s disappearance. My heart beats fast, and as such, I have stopped farming work.”

The family only wants to communicate with their son to find out whether he is still alive, according to one of David Ukpo’s uncles, who lives in the city and frequently acts as a go-between for the Ekweremadu family and his family.

Nwamini stated, “The last and only time the family of Ekweremadu has come to our village was to present my brother, Nwamini Ukpo, with an offer as compensation, which he rejected.”

“He told them that he has nothing to do with their offer but wants to have access to his son.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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