Ekiti Abduction: One Of The Kidnappers Said, ”If You Come Here With N1M, I Will Kill You, Kill Your Wife” -According to Husband Of Kidnapped Teacher

Ekiti Abduction: One Of The Kidnappers Said, ''If You Come Here With N1M, I Will Kill You, Kill Your Wife'' -According to Husband Of Kidnapped Teacher

Pastor Clement Adebisi, the husband of a teacher from the Apostolic Faith Group of Schools that was abducted in Emure, Ekiti, has described the harrowing ordeal he went through when his wife called him at 7:00 p.m. on a Tuesday to inform that she had been abducted by unidentified people. The respondent stated his readiness to collect any sum he could, even though he was unable to match the kidnappers’ alleged N10 million ransom demand. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He stated that the kidnappers subsequently called back, reiterating the demand for N10 million the following day (Wednesday). He stated that being unable to meet this demand, the kidnappers physically assaulted his wife during the calls. He related how in desperation, someone suggested informing the kidnappers of a gathered N500,000, but a menacing response from one of them threatened harm if he comes to the forest with 1 million naira.

He said in an interview with Punch, ”Around 7 pm on Tuesday, a strange number called and I picked it up and it was my wife; she said, ”Daddy Kidnappers have abducted me.” I asked to speak with the kidnappers. The Kidnappers told me they wanted N10M, but I told them I didn’t have N10M. I told them that I would gather whatever I could find.

About five minutes later, they called back and said I should bring the N10M unfailing the following day [Wednesday] As I was saying there was no way I could see it, I could hear the sound of how they were hitting my wife. It was the beatings that affected her. They beat her too much. They called about eight times that day. Somebody said I should tell the Kidnappers that I had gathered N500,000. One of the Kidnappers said, ”If you come here with N1M, I will kill you, kill your wife.’ That was how we parents and relatives gathered and came to town, we continued to try until we gathered the little amount we could raise.”

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