Edafe: When American Citizen Wakes Up He Says God Bless America, Here In Nigeria We Curse The Country

DSP Edafe teaches Nigerians On What To Do If Ones Girl/BoyFriend Dies In His Or Her House

Instead of criticizing and mistreating the nation and its leaders, Nigerians are asked by SP Bright Edafe, the spokeswoman for the Delta State Police Command, to bless and pray for their country every day. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

During his speech, SP Edafe declared that when an American citizen wakes up in the morning, he or she will say, “God bless America.” He continued by saying that, unbeknownst to them, Nigerians curse and mistreat their nation and its leaders, harming not only their offspring but also future generations.

The Delta State police spokesperson made this disclosure in a post he made on his official X handle on Tuesday afternoon. He went on and urged Nigerians to always bless the country always.

He wrote: “When an American citizens wake up in the morning, he says God bless America, here in Nigeria, what do we do or say, we curse and abuse the country and leaders unknown to us that, by extension, we are cursing our children and generations to come. Join me and say GOD BLESS NIGERIA.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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