Economy: “I supported my 4 wives & 29 Children Very Well Before Subsidy Removal” -According to Ado Mohammed

Economy: "I supported my 4 wives & 29 Children Very Well Before Subsidy Removal" -According to Ado Mohammed

Ado Mohammed, a resident of Damaturu, has talked about his experience as the effects of the reduction of gasoline subsidies are still being felt. During a Channels TV visit to Yobe State, the father of four expressed his regret over the impact that food inflation is having on his family. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ado claimed to reporters, “I provided excellent support for my four wives and twenty-nine children prior to the removal of fuel subsidies.” I can’t feed my family on N10,000 a day anymore.”

Sharing his own experience, Abubakar said, “This issue has affected our lives and businesses because some of the things that could be purchased for N500 have doubled or trippled in some cases. You may end up buying such goods for N1500 or more.”

On his side, Alwalu said, “It really affected our businesses. If you analyze it, we formerly paid N2,500 to travel to Kano, but we now pay N5000, while petrol now sells for N700.”

The current inflation level has continued to raise concerns among Nigerians due to its impact on the cost of living in various households. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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