David Etim, I’ve Never Seen My Mother Or My Father’s Family. My Mother Left When I Was 4-Year-Old

David Etim, I've Never Seen My Mother Or My Father's Family. My Mother Left When I Was 4-Year-OldDavid Etim, a fifteen-year-old basketball player, has accomplished a remarkable achievement by being offered three scholarships by several American institutions. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

David’s personal life has been characterized by uncertainty and abandonment despite his accomplishments. He disclosed that he has never interacted with his father’s relatives and hasn’t seen his mother since she departed from him when he was only four years old. Although David’s situation has been difficult, opportunities to a better future have opened up thanks to his extraordinary talent and perseverance.

According to what David Etim said during an interview with Punch News, “I have never seen my mother or any of my dad’s family since I was born. I have asked my dad countless times, and he has refused to tell me anything about them. I am just hoping and praying that someday I will take it upon myself to find my mother and anyone relating to my dad. My mother left when I was four years old. That was what I was told. I have no knowledge of her whereabouts to date. I am not sure she knows I now play basketball for a living.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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