CP Ben Igweh:”If you see what we have recovered from Baban Bolas you will weep”

CP Ben Igweh:"If you see what we have recovered from Baban Bolas you will weep"The Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) Commissioner of Police, Ben Igweh, has provided information regarding the recent arrests of people referred to as Baban Bolas. He clarified that a number of complaints from locals regarding thefts of home items were the reason behind these arrests.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to Igweh in a video released by Channels TV, Baban Bolas are frequently observed stealing appliances including air conditioners, generators, antennae, and DSTV equipment. According to him, in order to avoid being discovered, they typically stuff the pilfered goods into bags or wheelbarrows and hide them behind other products. He disclosed that substantial quantities of pilfered goods have been retrieved from Baban Bolas, and the visual of these artifacts would likely cause tears in any person. As stated by Igweh: “You will cry when you see what we have retrieved from Baban Bolas. Additionally, they will send the items they have stolen down while carrying them, covering them up with other items.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>