Cites Court Directive, Kano Police Commissioner Defies Governor’s Order

Cites Court Directive, Kano Police Commissioner Defies Governor's Order

Mohammed Gumel, the commissioner of police for Kano State, reportedly decided not to follow Governor Abba Yusuf’s order to detain ousted Emir Aminu Ado Bayero, according to PM News. Gumel claims that instead, the police will follow a court order.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Governor Yusuf had issued the order, accusing Ado Bayero of instigating unrest in Kano. Despite this, Ado Bayero returned to Kano under heavy security and is currently residing at Nassarawa House, his late father’s resting place.

Gumel clarified the police’s stance during a joint security news conference, stating, “The Police Command is expressly obeying the Court Order…issued by the Federal High Court sitting in Kano alongside all Law Enforcement agents in the State.”

He urged the public to remain calm and cooperative, emphasizing that the matter would be addressed by the court on June 3, 2024. Gumel also warned against any attempts to disrupt peace, affirming that law enforcement agencies are fully prepared to maintain security.

The situation in Kano escalated following Governor Yusuf’s signing of the Kano Emirate bill (2024), which reinstated Muhammad Sanusi II as the Emir of Kano. However, a Federal High Court intervened, halting the implementation of the law that dissolved the five Emirates in Kano.

Justice Liman issued interim injunctions suspending the new law and restraining certain parties from enforcing it. Despite this legal intervention, Muhammad Sanusi II was reappointed as the Emir of Kano by Governor Yusuf.

The conflicting directives from the government and the judiciary have plunged Kano into a state of uncertainty, leaving the fate of its traditional leadership in question.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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