Chidi Lloyd:”My Tenure Should Have Expired This Month But The Rivers Assembly Extended Our Tenure”

Chidi Lloyd:"My Tenure Should Have Expired This Month But The Rivers Assembly Extended Our Tenure"The Rivers State Assembly has extended Chidi Lloyd’s term as Chairman of the Emohua Local Government Area in Rivers State, which was set to expire this month. Lloyd claims that the reason for this prolongation was that the executive branch was unable to arrange the legally mandated local government elections.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking in an interview on TVC’s Beyond 100 Days programme, Lloyd underscored the constitutional stipulation outlined in Section 7, which mandates that local government administration be carried out by officials who are democratically elected.

He stressed that their continued stay in office should not be interpreted as defiance but as a legal requirement due to the unavailability of elections.

Explaining the situation further, Lloyd mentioned that the extension of his tenure, along with that of other local government officials, was a move sanctioned by the Rivers State Assembly, led by Speaker Martins Amaewhule.

This decision was made to ensure that local government administration continues to function despite the inability to conduct elections within the mandated timeframe.

Lloyd pointed out that the failure to hold elections on time is an issue stemming from the executive branch.

He stated that this delay has necessitated the assembly’s intervention to prevent a vacuum in local government administration, which could disrupt the provision of essential services and governance at the grassroots level.

Lloyd said, “My tenure should have expired this month, but the Rivers Assembly extended our tenure because of the inability of the executive to conduct elections as prescribed by the law.

“The Rivers State House of Assembly, led by Amaewhule, had to invoke the doctrine of necessity and extend our tenure by one month.

“Because Section 7 of the Constitution says that local government administration must be done by democratically elected officials.

“We are not threatening not to leave office. It is the law that keeps us in office, and it is the law that will take us out of office. So when the law speaks, everybody must leave.”  READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>