Chelsea and Manchester United’s Last Four Premier League Matches are Comparable

Chelsea and Manchester United's Last Four Premier League Matches are Comparable

As the Premier League season nears its conclusion, there appears to be a growing rivalry among the top six players. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The teams who would finish in fourth, fifth, and sixth place in the league and earn a spot in the UEFA Europa League and Champions League would be determined by the remaining games of the season.

While Aston Villa, Tottenham, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Chelsea are vying for the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots, respectively, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool have already qualified for the Champions League.

Manchester United are currently 6th in the league with 54 points, while Chelsea sit in the 8th position with 51 points. Both teams have four games left to play and if both teams make the best result of these games, they could qualify for the UEFA Europa league. Below are Manchester United and Chelsea’s last four fixtures:

Chelsea’s Last Four Fixtures:

1. West Ham United: Chelsea recorded a loss against West Ham United earlier this season, however, considering both teams current form, Chelsea has a high chance of winning this game. West Ham are currently 9th in the premier league

2. Nottingham Forest: Chelsea recorded a loss against Nottingham Forest in their first meeting this season. Nottingham Forest are currently in the 17th position in the league.

3. Brighton: Chelsea recorded a victory over Brighton in the leg this season. Considering both teams current form, Chelsea could come out on top again when next they meet.

4. Bournemouth: Chelsea match against Bournemouth earlier this season ended in a draw. Bournemouth are currently 10th in the EPL this season.

Manchester United Last Four Fixtures:

1. Crystal palace: Manchester recorded a loss in their first game against Crystal Palace this season. Crystal Palace are currently 14th in the league this season.

2. Arsenal: Manchester United lost to Arsenal earlier this season. Looking at both team’s current form, Arsenal are favorites to win this game.

3. Newcastle United: Manchester United lost to Newcastle United in their first meeting this season. Newcastle are currently 7th in the league.

4. Brighton: Manchester United also lost to Brighton in their first meeting this season. Brighton are currently 12th in the league. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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