Charly Boy:”I Said If The Labour Strike Continued In The Next One Week That I’ll Mobilize 90% Bikers”

Charly Boy:"I Said If The Labour Strike Continued In The Next One Week That I'll Mobilize 90% Bikers"There is a lot of discussion going on because of the ongoing minimum wage discussions between the government and labor unions. A tiny 2,000 naira increase from their previous offer, the government’s most recent proposal of 62,000 naira has elicited a range of responses from the public and notable figures alike.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Social crusader Charly Boy recently expressed his views on the matter in a report by ARISE NEWS. Known for his outspoken advocacy, Charly Boy weighed in on the government’s new proposal and the response it has elicited from Labour unions.

“Now that the government has said what they have said, let me see what NLC says,” Charly Boy remarked, referring to the Nigerian Labour Congress. His comments reflect a cautious optimism and a wait-and-see approach regarding the unions’ next move in the ongoing wage negotiations.

Charly Boy also shared a personal anecdote about his involvement in the protest movement. “I did a post about a week and half ago and I said when this thing started, for some strange reason, I don’t know where I got the belief that maybe this is the turning point,” he said. His hopeful outlook was based on the potential for significant change driven by the protests.

He elaborated on his plans to support the movement, stating, “I put out a post saying that if this protest continues in the next one week, that I will get up from where I am and mobilize 90% of the Nigerian bikers and okada people in this country and we’ll pour out on the street.”

Charly Boy concluded by expressing his disappointment that the protests did not gain the momentum he had hoped for. “I was praying fervently for that but it never came to pass,” he lamented.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>