Charanchi said. “Today, in the north, there are agitations. Some are saying we are Middle Belters and not northerners”

Charanchi said. "Today, in the north, there are agitations. Some are saying we are Middle Belters and not northerners"

In an interview with The Sun, Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi, the leader of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), urged Nigerians to put aside their differences in race and religion in favor of choosing leaders who can move their country forward. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In response to inquiries regarding the recent detention of activists pursuing the creation of a Yoruba nation and other secessionist movements, Charanchi linked these difficulties to a basic lack of leadership.

He underlined the absence of leaders committed to the ideals of patriotism and public service.

Charanchi stressed the need for leaders who prioritize public interest over personal gain.

He criticized the self-serving politicians who prioritize their own interests over the welfare of the people.

According to Charanchi, the lack of visionary leadership has fueled various agitations across the country.

He warned that without decisive action to address leadership shortcomings, the nation risks further internal crisis.

Reflecting on Nigeria’s past potential for greatness, Charanchi lamented the failure of current leaders to fulfill that promise.

He highlighted the stagnation of important projects like the Defence Industrial Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), comparing it with the progress achieved by counterparts in countries like Brazil and India.

“All the challenges we are facing in this country political crisis, economic crisis, social crisis, and family values that have collapsed, educational crisis, and security crisis are caused by leadership crisis.”

“We need leaders that will tell us in public what they would agree in public and what they would not agree in secret. We don’t need leaders that are going to amass wealth. We don’t want leaders that are not aware of why they were elected. We don’t need leaders that don’t have feeling of patriotism in their minds, they don’t even care about the people and they don’t even believe in the Nigeria project. So long as we are having this bad crop of leadership, we are going to witness so many agitations from different parts of this country.”

“Today, in the north, there are agitations. Some are saying we are Middle Belters and not northerners. The cause of these crises is the leadership. God richly blessed Nigeria, but our major challenge is leadership; we don’t have leaders in this country, we only have politicians.”

We don’t have leaders, which is the reason nothing is working in this country. When we had leaders, there was this forecast that the three countries that would compete in next generation were Nigeria, Brazil and India,” he stated.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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