BREAKING NEWS: Genesis of my battle with Betty Akeredolu, by Canada-based Ondo politician

I was fighting a serious battle with Betty, unknown to many when she used her office as First Lady to petition the Canadian Government that I jumped bail in the state where she was the First Lady on rape charges, that I should be deported to Nigeria.
So, you can imagine as a refugee having such allegation hanging on me coming from the office of the wife of a Governor. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

But trust the Oyinbos. They did their thorough investigation and found out that I was just a victim of blackmail and her petition was thrashed and that episode confirmed truly my story that I wasn’t safe back home.
With the doggedness in me, I fought back and attacked her project BRECAN. I wrote to all her international donors in the U.S., UK, Canada with proofs that she is a fraud using breast cancer victims’ pictures to seek for donations and those monies never got to the cancer patients, rather into her personal purse, they investigated and found out my allegations were true and immediately, they stopped her yearly grants running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I got back to her and I told her that the battle has just began and that I am the light and she is the darkness and surely, I will conquer her. Today, she has been conquered and indeed she has left Ondo State in shame! CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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