Biafrans:Soyinka said, When they feel they are on a righteous cause, it is difficult to defeat them

Kawu Garba:"The current situation in Kano is regrettable. RMK should be ashamed of his actions"Famous Nigerian dramatist, writer, poet, and essayist in English Wole Soyinka provided a deep insight into the struggle for identity and independence, especially in relation to Biafra. Soyinka highlighted how resilient and unyielding a people can be when they believe in the rightness of their cause.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He pointed out that despite brief military losses, the underlying problems still exist, making it extremely difficult to weaken such determination. He emphasizes that military intervention alone cannot readily subjugate the motives behind people declaring their individuality and autonomy.

As per Punch, Soyinka said, “The first thing I have to say as I said at that time – which got me into serious trouble – is that you cannot defeat Biafra. People took a merely simplistic approach to understanding that. They felt I was talking about the battlefield. When the people are determined, they are willing to sacrifice anything to preserve their identity. When they feel they are on a righteous cause, it is difficult to defeat them. If there is any military defeat, it is only temporary. The real issues remain unsolved.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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