Betta Edu:You Can’t Generate A Memo, Sign It And Pay Yourself, It Has To Come From The System–According to Shield

Betta Edu:You Can't Generate A Memo, Sign It And Pay Yourself, It Has To Come From The System–According to Shield

Head of Mission for Leadership and Accountability Initiative Henry Shield has addressed the inquiry about Sadiya Umar-Farouk, Betta Edu, and Halima Shehu. He emphasized that the civil service must actively cooperate in order to move a substantial amount of money, such as 44 billion or 37.1 billion Naira, and that these transactions cannot take place without their knowledge. Shield contended in an interview with AIT that a probe into this issue ought to encompass the civil service as well. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Shield stressed the impossibility of moving such large amounts without the involvement of the civil service, suggesting that anyone found guilty in the investigation should be blacklisted. He proposed that their pictures should be prominently displayed across Nigeria to ensure public awareness and emphasize the betrayal of the trust placed in them by Nigerians.

During the interview, Shield expressed his view on Betta Edu, highlighting her apparent lack of understanding of the operating environment in which she found herself. He pointed out that as a minister, generating a memo, signing it, and paying oneself requires collaboration from the system. Shield cautioned against falling for what he deemed a serious game, urging both the Nigerian government and the citizens not to be deceived by the unfolding events.


Hear him: “Betta Edu came, a young girl; she didn’t study the environment she was about to operate in; she needed to have studied the environment where she was going to operate. There is nobody that can move 44 billion or 37.1 billion Naira without the active connivance of the civil service; it is not possible. As a minister, you cannot generate a memo, sign it, and pay yourself; it has to come from the system. What is going on now is a serious game, and I do not want the Nigerian government to fall for it, and I also don’t want Nigerians to fall for it.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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