‘Betta Edu Worked Very Hard During Tinubu’s Campaign, She Was Everywhere Mobilizing Women’ – According to Olufemi Pedro

Betta Edu: 'I Asked Myself What If She's My Daughter? Would I Disown Her?' - According to Pedro

Olufemi Pedro, a former deputy governor of Lagos State, has claimed that Betta Edu, the suspended minister of humanitarian affairs, had an exceptional work ethic by actively participating in President Bola Tinubu’s campaign. He emphasized Betta’s extensive mobilization of women, pointing out that she traveled the nation with the Presidential team during the campaign. Additionally, he said that Betta Edu traveled with the APC delegation team to the Chattam House event, where she was asked to react to a query Tinubu had for her. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He recounted his initial acquaintance with Betta, who was introduced as a candidate for the Women leader position of their political party in Abuja early in 2022. He expressed admiration for Betta’s demeanor, style, and comportment during a subsequent courtesy visit to Lagos.

He said in a statement reported by Independent Nigeria, ”I first Betta when she was introduced to me as a candidate for Women leader of our party in Abuja in early 2022. Shortly after, she was in Lagos on a courtesy visit and I immediately liked his style, her carriage, and her comportment. She exuded confidence, was articulate, knew what she wanted, and appeared to be as focused, determined, and ambitious. She later won the election and became the party’s women leader. Betta Edu worked very hard during Tinubu’s campaign, she was everywhere mobilizing women. She campaigned with the Presidential team all over the country and attended most of the events. We also traveled together to attend the Chattam House event where she was asked to respond to a question by our candidate and she discharged herself creditably.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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