Betta Edu: ‘The PS Has Been There Since 2017, He Knows What To Do When He Sees Such Document’ – According to Dr Don

Betta Edu: 'The PS Has Been There Since 2017, He Knows What To Do When He Sees Such Document' - According to Dr Don

Dr. Don Clem Enamhe, a public affairs analyst and lecturer at the University of Calabar, has made accusations that Abel Olumuyiwa Enitan, the permanent secretary to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, should be experienced in handling official documents like the one pertaining to the 585 million naira. Enitan has held the position since 2017. He maintained that the conspiracy theories stem from the permanent secretary’s observation of the paper and her decision to keep quiet about it. He emphasized that Betta Edu, the suspended minister who first brought attention to the problem, showed judgment by spotting a mistake in the paperwork. Additionally, he contended that Betta Edu is allowed to pay Mrs. Bridget for monitoring purposes due to financial restrictions. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to him, Mrs Bridget is responsible for overseeing and processing the financial transactions. As regarding the director who unveiled the memo, he speculated that there are hints of ambition, as he underscores the deceptive nature of public office.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”When you come on board into an office, there is always a training and retreats for ministers. The P.S [Permanent Secretary] has been there since 2017, he knows what to do when he sees such document. Why some Nigerians are talking about Conspiracy is because the permanent secretary saw it and he didn’t speak up. And note that the suspended minister is the one who reported. She saw the mix-up in the documents because she is well brought up. The financial regulation allows Betta Edu to pay to Mrs. Bridget because that is how it is so that she can monitor it. And the woman is supposed to monitor and process it all the way. On the issue of the director who came up with the memo, you can see ambition. And the public office is very deceitful.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. Atiku is simply decieving himself because he cannot be Nigerian president let him just stay aside and allow fresh blood to handle the affairs of our great nation.

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