Benin Forgery: I Did Not Get An Admission Letter And I Do Not Know The School’s Location, According to Umar Audu

Benin Certificate Forgery: It Was The School That Sent My Name To Fed Ministry Of Education, According to Audu

According to Umar Audu, a reporter for the Daily Nigerian Newspaper, he obtained his credential from a university in the Benin Republic with the assistance of an agent who paid for all he needed to in less than two months. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This disclosure was made by Umar Audu during a Channels Television interview. Umar Audu stated in the interview, “I never received an admission letter. Even the location of the school is unknown to me.”

“All I did was to get this agent and he requested for a certain amount of money which I paid. On the receipt, it was shown that I was admitted to 300 level. I paid N380,000 as tuition fee and other expenses for the evaluation letter, although there were demand for more money which I paid. So, I never attended the school and I never attended any online class or physical class.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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