Bello:According to Oshoma’You Said This Man Has Amassed $1m And You Are Calling Him To Come Through Back Door’

Liborous Oshoma, a Nigerian lawyer and public affairs analyst, has claimed that the EFCC chairman’s desire to discreetly handle the fraud charge instead of going via official channels is indicated by his decision to summon the former governor of Kogi state through the backdoor. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that despite the gravity of the accusations against Yahaya Bello, such as the alleged embezzlement of state funds, the EFCC appeared to be seeking a resolution outside of the established legal framework. He argued that the former governor has been involved in the issue by the EFCC rather than being summoned to a court through the constitutional procedure of addressing embezzlement of funds.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”There is something very Germaine here. The first question is why would somebody rush to court if you know he’s not in the picture of all of these issues? EFCC put Yahaya Bello in the picture by that call. By saying, oh my brother come, there is an issue here. Let us iron it out. You said this man has amassed almost $1M and you are calling him to come through the back door. So that you people can iron it out.

And the man said, come to my village. The security agencies that we know can go to the extent of going to more than your village to come and arrest you. Section 46 of the constitution says that if any person who alleges that any provisions of this constitution or likely to be contravening in any state in relation to him may apply to a high court for redress. Once you are begging him to come and let us resolve the matter. This is a matter you said is so grave as taking money from the state but you are begging him to come through your back door.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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