Asia & Africa: If They Don’t Let Them Go in 2024, It Will Turn To An Unrest-According to Oyakhilome

Asia & Africa: If They Don't Let Them Go in 2024, It Will Turn To An Unrest-According to Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently made a post on Facebook emphasizing how urgent it is for there to be a revolutionary change in the world by 2024. His message aligns with the appeal to free people and countries from the bonds of injustice and servitude, paving the way for a year of atonement. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to him, ” To release from Debt or Bondage: This I find to be very interesting. Today’s few masters must release their serf’s. There are nations and organizations that are holding others in bondage today and holding them with debts that are unjustified. They must let them go. If they don’t let them go in 2024, it will turn to an unrest; those who have found themselves in these illegitimate debts and bondage must extricate themselves from these detrimental associations and treaties.(i am speaking to individuals and to nations… Because this year is the year of Redemption). You must extricate yourselves, you must become bold. I speak to African and Asians nations. You must now extricate yourselves and come out of bondage. It takes boldness, leadership and decisiveness.”

The year 2024 is presented as an important moment, where failure to release those ensnared in illegitimate debts and bondage may lead to widespread unrest. Oyakhilome warns that the consequences of ignoring this call for liberation could result in far-reaching implications, both socially and politically. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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