As Oseni Raises Concerns Over Economic Deterioration Since Emefiele’s Dismissal Reactions Trail

As Oseni Raises Concerns Over Economic Deterioration Since Emefiele's Dismissal Reactions Trail

Well-known television personality Oseni Rufai has attacked the current administration, saying that Nigerians are aware of the country’s economic decline since Godwin Emefiele was removed as governor of the Central Bank. Rufai noted in a post on his official X account that after Emefiele’s resignation as CBN governor, inflation has grown from 21% to more than 32%, while the official exchange rate has decreased from N500/$1 to N1,491/$. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said and I quote;

“For the records, as the CBN Governor, Emefiele was in charge of exchange rate and inflation policy , while the Fiscal authorities managed the economy. When Emefiele was removed , official exchange Rate was N500/$1 and parallel market rate was N750/$. Today exchange Rate is N1,491/$. When Emefiele was removed inflation was 21 percent , today inflation is above 32 percent. Nigerians know better.”

However, his statement has sparked reaction from several social media users, with many Nigerians sharing their concerns and frustrations about the country’s economic direction.

Kindly read a few replies from those who have given their thoughts below; CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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