Arise Journalist Disclosed The Reply Umahi Gave A Man Who Said Coastal Road Will Affect Yoruba Deities

Journalist Laila Johnson-Salami of Arise TV has disclosed the response that former Ebonyi state governor and Minister of Works Dave Nweze Umahi made to a member of the community who claimed that Yoruba deities will be impacted by the Lagos-Calabar coastal route.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This follows the announcement made by the Minister of Works at the Thursday stakeholder meeting that the Federal Government will not be proceeding with the proposed new realignment that would have an impact on underwater cables and ancestral lands.

Laila Salami, one of the journalists present at the event, she stated that; when a community member expressed concern that the Lagos-Calabar coastal route might impact Yoruba deities, the Minister of Works responded by suggesting that the deities should battle for themselves.

“A community member at the stakeholder meeting said that the Lagos-Calabar coastal road is going to affect Yoruba deities, and the Minister of Works said the deities should fight for themselves”. Said Laila Johnson-Salami via her official X page.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Read her post below;

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