Amaechi Reveal saying Nigerians to Receive What They Vote For, Urges Citizens to Seize Opportunities

Amaechi Reveal saying Nigerians to Receive What They Vote For, Urges Citizens to Seize Opportunities

Rotimi Amaechi, a former governor of Rivers State and minister of transportation, stated in a recent interview with ARISEtv that Nigerians ultimately get what they vote for and emphasized that the country is a place of opportunity. Amaechi urged against the tendency of Nigerians attempting to leave the country, emphasizing the exceptional prospects that Nigeria offers that cannot be found anywhere else. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“I have always discouraged those who want to leave the country. I say 9-5? Yes, you can always get a 9-5 job when you leave the country, but you can never get the opportunity you get in Nigeria,” Amaechi asserted during the interview.

The former minister highlighted the unpredictability of Nigeria’s system, where individuals can wake up one day and ascend to positions like minister or governor. He encouraged citizens to stay and explore the diverse opportunities available within the country, even beyond public office.

“If you’re looking for opportunities, please stay back in Nigeria. If you’re looking for 9-5, safety, and all that… the opportunities are here,” Amaechi emphasized.

Responding to concerns about limited opportunities for many citizens, Amaechi broadened the scope, stating, “You just assumed the opportunities are about being in public office. I’m giving that example now. There are about 200 million Nigerians. Just assume that you start cooking moi moi and you sell to one million Nigerians at one naira. How much is that? I think that’s about 10 million naira.”

Addressing the ‘japa’ phenomenon, Amaechi underscored the need for governance improvements, citing the economy, insecurity, and job creation as drivers for citizens seeking opportunities abroad. He argued that only the government has the capacity to address these critical issues.

While acknowledging the challenges, Amaechi pointed out that Nigerians have a role in their fate, stating, “Nigerians at all times have had an opportunity to vote. Whatever you voted for is what you deserve, but again, let’s not go into politics.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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