Almost all the Northern governors went to Washington to see how they can tackle insecurity-According to Gumi

Almost all the Northern governors went to Washington to see how they can tackle insecurity-According to GumiAccording to The Sun, Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed skepticism on the Nigerian government’s claim of triumph over the Boko Haram insurgency in the country’s northern area. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

During a recent phone interview for Eagle 102.5 FM’s “Frontline” radio program, Gumi said that the fight against Boko Haram is not just a military issue but rather one that is deeply ingrained in philosophy, which the military has not been able to erase.

Expressing his concerns, Gumi criticized the government for what he perceives as a failure to accurately diagnose the underlying causes of insecurity in the North. He pointed out a lack of local insights and accused authorities of exploiting the nation’s predicament for their own gain. According to him, this dissenting viewpoint highlights the ongoing challenges Nigeria faces in combating terrorism effectively.

During the interview, anchored by Olakunle Balogun, the Head of Station, Gumi stated the pervasive nature of insecurity, asserting that no one in the country is safe. He called for a reevaluation of the government’s approach and urged for a more holistic solution that includes engaging with all stakeholders, including the bandits themselves, akin to the strategy employed with the Niger Delta militants in the past.

Gumi stressed the importance of addressing the ideological roots of the conflict, stating, “the military can kill as many as they can but the ideology is still remaining and persistent, and it has taken a different form. The issue is not just to defeat them physically but also to defeat the ideology”.

Furthermore, Gumi criticized the government’s reliance on foreign assistance and its failure to prioritize local expertise in addressing the insecurity crisis. He cited a recent instance where Northern governors sought solutions abroad, which he sees as symptomatic of the larger problem of neglecting local insights and solutions.

“What I can say is that, truly speaking, the government has not really diagnosed the real cause of these issues for many reasons. One, or lack of local input. Let me give you an example, just recently, almost all the Northern governors went to Washington to see how they can tackle insecurity in the Northern states. This is a typical symptom of our problems here. The problem is local and now you see governors going abroad trying to look for a solution where they don’t have it. In the long run, the international intelligence agencies will just use these governors to extract more information about our country for their own benefits,” he stated. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. With some respect to Shekh Gumi, he has been economical with the truth in this matter of insecurity. He has consistently shown more understanding and support for these terrorists who kidnap and kill innocent masses indiscriminately. He has never condemned their actions. In a truly Islamic country or environment, penalty for their actions is Capital in nature. Besides, the Niger Delta Militants not only had genuine reasons for their actions, they were discriminatory. As for Northern Governors who travelled out, they went to enjoy themselves, not to look for solution(s) to the crises.

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