Akeredolu Wasn’t Strong Enough To Respond To The Accusation That His Signature Was Forged -According to Kolawole Johnson

Akeredolu Wasn't Strong Enough To Respond To The Accusation That His Signature Was Forged -According to Kolawole Johnson

The late Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s character has been assessed by Kolawole Johnson, Head of the Directorate of Research and Strategy, Acts for Positive Transformation Initiative. Johnson claims that some of the governor’s actions were inconsistent with his well-known values. Speaking on the matter of electricity transfer to his deputy, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, he said that Akeredolu’s health might have made it more difficult for him to respond to claims that he had forged a signature. He alluded to a time when the governor was in a dangerous situation and not aware of what his handlers were up to. He recognized the noteworthy influence of Akeredolu and the unique imprints he made on the history of Ondo state and Nigeria. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”I didn’t work with Akeredolu except in 2019 when he was seeing re-election. And that was the only time we spoke. Maybe twice or there about. I didn’t have any close work experience with him. But of course, his footprints on the sand of history are there clearly. We know him and we know what he represented.

And the things he will never do, you can tell even without sitting with him to talk. I saw the report that he wasn’t transmitting power. Maybe I should say this, Akeredolu wasn’t strong enough to respond to the accusation that his signature was forged. I don’t want to also say some things because you have to give him privacy and for his family also. For a very long time, he was in a very critical situation that he was not aware of most of the things that his handlers were doing.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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