Aisha Yesufu advises PDP Following Ortom Revealed That PDP G5 Will Support Tinubu In 2027

Aisha Yesufu reaction following popular Anambra politician requested for 16 soldiers, 20 policemen

After the former governor of Benue State and a member of the PDP G5 stated that the G5 will once again endorse President Bola Tinubu in 2027, Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu offered the PDP some wise counsel. She suggested that the PDP follow the lead of Tony Elumelu, the Chairman of United Bank for Africa, in dealing with Standard Bank and UBA. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Aisha Yesufu gave this advice while reacting to a post of a Nigerian user on X platform, the user questioned why PDP members and key players in the party have openly come out to say it is the opposition candidate that they would be supporting.

Aisha Yesufu in her reaction to the post, wrote on X, “PDP should go and do what Elumelu did with Standard Trust Bank and UBA”.

For those who may not know what Elumelu did with Standard Bank and UBA, He was the CEO of the defunct Standard Bank before a merger with UBA saw him become the chief executive of the larger entity, UBA. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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