After WAEC Allegedly Deleted Video Of Obi Explaining How Anambra Became 1st In WAEC Nigerian Reacts

Social media users’ responses to the alleged removal of an old video by Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) candidate for president in 2023 and the former governor of Anambra state, explaining how his state rose to the top of the WAEC, have been mixed. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

After Anambra state did exceptionally well in both WAEC and NECO, the video was uploaded on the official WAEC X Twitter in 2016.

In the post that WAEC titled, “How Anambra Became Number 1 in WAEC and NECO”, Peter Obi was seen explaining how Anambra state was able to attain the number one spot in the area of education.

Kindly checkout the post that WAEC made below.



However, there have now been several reactions from social media users after it was discovered that the video has been removed.



Below are some of the reactions from people who shared their thoughts on the post.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>






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